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May 19, 2023
Choose two questions from the following list to answer for your essay test questions. Develop your answer using the instructions from the prompt and the following formula for a literary argument: Make a claim, provide reasons for that claim, provide textual evidence from the literature to support those reasons.


Please remember to include your Literary Scavenger Hunt assignment in your submissions for this test. So, in total, you will send me 3 essay answers.

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Choose one of the poems we were assigned in this unit: Yeats’, Rilke’s, or Korryvanti’s. In your analysis, you will make a claim about the meaning of the text, support your claim with reasons why you think this is how the text might be understood, and then support those reasons with evidence from the text. Use at least one literary term we learned about to apply to the poem to support your reason.

What text did you connect with the most? Why? Support your reasons by explaining how the figurative (literary language) of the text helped you connect with the text in a way that made it more personal for you.

Explain why you think Brecht chose the play Antigone to adapt to express his thoughts on his current political situation. How does understanding classical literature or art help us make sense of our current cultural, social, or political context? (Use the play to help explain your answer.)

What is your position on the Madman in Lu Xun’s “The Diary of a Madman”—was he legitimately paranoid and suffering delusions, or do you think his madness was a peak into the absurdity he saw in society? Support your answers with evidence from the text.

MUST ANSWER Literary Scavenger Hunt:
In two or three sentences each, explain what you learned about the following:
Lord Byron
Hadrian’s Library
The difference between the Impressionists (late 1880s), Modern art (roughly 1910s-1950), and post-war and contemporary art (about 1960s-present)


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