What is your theoretical foundation? 3. Research Methodology: How the research objectives are addressed?

Research Topic:

What are the factors influencing the evolution of online shopping patterns and its effect on international business and their implemented strategies:

Systematic Review In this research I want to prove that physical stores are still important and here is the objectives and the research questions Objectives of the study and research questions The sudden rise of online shopping has deeply affected the international business. There are many factors associated with the evolution of online shopping patterns. Based on these perspectives, the factors that contributed to the rise in online shopping will be examined along with its huge impact on the international business. Moreover, this study aims to demonstrate the importance of brick-and-mortar stores. The research questions that will answer in this study are as follows,

What are the factors that has influenced the evolution of online shopping patterns?

How the current online shopping patterns has affected international business and their implemented strategies?

Can the online services fulfill the whole market?

Requirement for the final research paper :

In summary, the research project should be presented in the following format:

Title page:

What you are going to investigate.

Executive summary:

Suggest you write this at the end

1. Introduction

1.1 Research Background:

Why is the research that you will undertake important (in terms of practical or policy implications, contribution to research)?

A simple review of the literature and a connection between existing literature and your proposal.

1.2 Research questions and objectives: State your research question and each of your objectives. Be as specific as possible.

2. Literature Review:

What is already known?

What is not known?

What needs to be further developed?

What is your theoretical foundation?

3. Research Methodology:

How the research objectives are addressed?

3.1 Research design:



Provide justification for your selections.

3.2 Data collection: Secondary data (How, where, when – any specifications);

How did you ensure validity and credibility?

E.g. text mining; how was this done, any software used?

3.3 Data analysis:

What analysis method did you used to answer your research questions?


for qualitative data; Content/thematic analysis;

Case study analysis.

3.4 Data Findings:

What are the identified themes?

Use of verbatim quotes to support your answers;

Did you answer all the research questions?

Use tables/figures to present your answers.

4. Discussion and Conclusions:

summarise your key findings/propositions and discuss them in light of existing research (comparative discussion).

Then outline:

4.1 Theoretical/Academic contributions: how did your study contribute to what we know already or existing theories?

4.2 Managerial/Practical/Policy contributions:

how did your study contribute to practice?

4.3 Research limitations & Areas for future research: time is not usually a good reason Reference list Appendix The Marking Criteria for the Final Report will be:

Executive summary/Abstract:

5% Introduction and Literature Review:

20% Methodology:

20% Data Analysis and Discussion of results:

20% Conclusion and Recommendations:

20% Novelty and Formatting (including grammar):

15% The marker will be looking for well-constructed, critical arguments where relevant business frameworks are identified and used appropriately.

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