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Apr 27, 2023

This is a group project, please read all the instructions and requirement from the guideline document but only finish the financials part that are highlighted in the guideline document. The financials are broken down into the following parts:
1. Finish the chart in Financial chart document (cite the reference)
2. Current Assessment of Dick’s Sporting Goods:
-What is/are the financial strengths of Dick’s Sporting Goods?
-What is/are the priority financial problem(s) of Dick’s Sporting Goods?
-Quantify the problem(s) using benchmarks.
3. Setting the Financial Goal (5 year plan)
-No goal should be “dreamed up.” It must be based on an authenticated benchmark or statistic.
-Benchmarks should come from companies that are performing well


Project topic: The strategies plan is for the retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods. The strategy is to introduce a new private label collection offering maternity activewear apparel for women at all stages of pregnancy. Based on the information in the Statement of Strategy document, follow the guideline and past student examples to do research(data from 2020-2023, the newest the data, the better) calculations, and writing for the financial part. You can use some charts just like the guideline. Every data used, and ideas presented must have a reference to support them. Cite them in APA6 format. If you used quotes from an article, please don’t forget to use parenthetical citations.

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