What kind of argument is he trying to make?

ay Caspian Kang is a contemporary journalist and documentary filmmaker. He’s just finished producing a film about the tennis start Michael Chang that will air on ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary series and until recently, he’s been a regular columnist with the New York Times.

He is from Korea and often writes about issues related to Asian-American. While he is concerned with issues identified as “Asian-American” he’s often interested in rethinking that identity category, preferring the category of immigrant. He’s interested in exploring the idea of identity in American culture–something that at times may serve useful to marginalized peoples but at other times can troublesome. The essay you are reading here comes from his book, The Loneliest Americans, about Asian-American experience.

As you read, I want you to think about this essay as an argument essay. What kind of argument is he trying to make? What kinds of difficulties does he face in developing this argument? Beyond being an argument essay, what else is Kang doing here?

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