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May 24, 2023


Navigating the ethical landscape between humans and the environment evokes divergent viewpoints. Anthropocentrism, grounded in human-centered ethics, advocates for the protection of human interests, often sidelining environmental concerns and prioritizing short-term gains over enduring consequences. Conversely, ecocentrists champion nature`s intrinsic value, stressing the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity irrespective of human utility.

Part 1

Consider the following inquiries:

  1. When addressing environmental decisions, should precedence be given to human needs or environmental safeguarding?
  2. What ethical duties do we bear in tackling environmentally induced challenges stemming from human activities?
  3. What moral boundaries should be upheld in the pursuit of environmental conservation?
  4. Should immediate benefits benefiting contemporary individuals outweigh the imperative of long-term environmental sustainability?
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