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May 24, 2023
There are many areas of thought that involve the moral relationship between humans and the environment.
Anthropocentrism, meaning “human-centered”, is the set of ethics that promotes and protects human interests at the expense of everything else, including the environment. Often, this school of thought focuses on short-term benefits and disregards long-term consequences.
Ecocentrists believe that nature should be able to exist for its own sake, regardless of how useful it is to humans. The focus is on the preservation of ecosystems and other living organisms over the needs of humans.
Part 1
Describe where you stand on this issue by answering the following questions:
1. What needs should be given the highest priority in making decisions involving the environment? Human needs or environmental protections?
2. What moral responsibility do we have in dealing with environmental problems that are caused due to anthropogenic (human) activity?
3. What lines should not be crossed in the name of environmental protection?
4. Should short-term gains that help people today be considered over the long-term conditions in the environment?
Answer the questions using complete sentences. Include at least two external references in your response.

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