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May 25, 2023
      • I would like for you to take some time and think about net neutrality and write a one page summary ensuring to answer the key point below. This is not meant to be a long assignment, instead approach it it like a short answers assignment.
        Net neutrality is an ongoing discussion and you shouldn’t have issues finding great content regarding this subject. Make sure that your paper has proper structure, it should have an introduction paragraph where you quickly state what the issue is, and also includes a summary of what the rest of the paper will entail.
        Your first paragraph is important and sometimes is considered an Executive Summary as it provides all the details a high level executive (ie. CIO, CEO, CFO, etc) would need. They should know what the summary of your paper is, and if they need additional details, justification, examples, then they simply read on.
        For the rest of your paper, make sure to Cite some sources, provide some examples (just like your discussion posts) and wrap it up with a concluding statement.
        Consider some of the following bullet items:
        What is it?
        Why is it a problem?
        Where did it originate?
        Why does this matter and how does this affect you?
        How does this affect business and culture?
        Please review the grading rubric below before submitting your paper, make sure that you have at least one reference cited.

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