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Cultural Competence Reflection Assignment
Before you begin writing this assignment, you should have read two ‘Embracing Cultural Competency’ readings.

The titles of the e-Reserve readings are Patricia St. Onge – Chapter 6 Cultural Competency as Discovering Context and Resource A: Key Terms for Cultural Competency You are expected to refer to the readings in your written reflection.

You are assigned to complete a reflection regarding Cultural Competence and your current internship experience. This assignment is worth 50 points. Please utilize APA citation style where appropriate. The reflection should be a minimum of two-double spaced pages but should not exceed 4-double spaced pages, 12-inch Times Roman Font. Number your pages and include a cover page. See p. 2 for the Grading Rubric.

If you are unsure about the Cultural Competence at your agency, share the assignment with your supervisor. If needed, ask for assistance in answering the questions. The purposes of this assignment are to reflect on the cultural competence in your agency and to reflect upon your own cultural competence.

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