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Apr 26, 2023
What practical suggestions could you recommend that might make reading easier for someone who is having difficulty reading?


Reaction Paper (2 x 15 = 30 points): In the course of the semester, you will be asked to complete 2 commentaries on 2 non-consecutive weeks on chapters or any other readings assigned for a particular week. In the commentary you will provide the following:
· Commentaries should include a brief summary of article or chapter (What was it about?)
· Commentaries should be based on the readings assigned in a given week and will be due by the following week.
· Commentaries should be at least 4 double spaced typed pages Times Roman 12 pt font, should be in APA format.
· Commentaries should show a good grasp of the main points of the readings, relate the readings to class discussion, previous readings, and raise specific theoretical or methodological issues raised by the readings.
· Commentaries should also include a section where YOU GIVE YOUR OWN OPINIONS about the topic.
§ Is it important or not important in the study of cognitive psychology?
· Why/Why not? And How?
§ Do you find it interesting?
· Why/Why not? And How?
§ If you were to do a similar investigation, how would you improve or change it?
§ Give a detailed response
If you have any questions or difficulties please ask your instructors for help, I love to hear about your ideas on research! Assignments that are too similar to other people’s assignments will not be accepted. Your reports will be penalized 1 point for every day late.


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