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Critically choose two different countries. Select and comparatively analyse HRM characteristics of these countries. Critically evaluate how these features developed and account for their significance for the theory of International HRM.

The written coursework consists of a comparative country study. Although the content of country studies will vary, a comparative country study will deal with some of the following issues; the HR context of the country concerned (including salient features of the national institutional culture); the characteristics of HRM in the country, both in terms of the main features of managing in that country (organisational structures and problems) and the content of HRM (e.g. recruitment and selection, employee development, remuneration systems, employee relations, the organisation of the profession, etc.) The coursework might outline key HR features of the chosen countries and critically evaluate how these features may have developed in the way that they have, and what their significance would hold for the theory of International HRM. As such, the coursework effectively selects two different countries in terms of how HRM has developed in each and provides a comparative analysis of that approach to HRM. The written assessment will typically be 3000 words long (±10%). 

Reflexive Critique:

As a supplement to the written coursework students should provide a reflexive critique of their essay. As a response to the current extraordinary circumstances, we have replaced the Viva Presentation Exercise with a written exercise that would provide a critical narrative account of the viva. The questions below form the structure around which you would construct a 500 word Reflexive Critique of the coursework essay.Antonacopoulou (2010) argues that ‘reflexive critique` encourages a critique of prevailing theories, dominant assumptions and existing ways of meaning and propositions. Using this characterisation as a basis, address the questions below:

Reflexive Critique Questions:

What rationale informed the selection of your countries and HRM feature(s)?

How did that selection follow from your studies of HRM and International HRM?

Was it necessary to adopt a critical perspective of HRM to construct your essay?

How did your conclusion relate to the theory of international HRM?

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