What role did African Americans play during the American Revolution in both the North and the South?

Your goal for this research project is to understand the transition in the lives of African Americans from slaves under the
early colonists before American independence to free individuals in the aftermath of the Civil War in the Reconstruction
era. Youll analyze this transition in four (4) different snapshots of time: slavery in the colonies, slavery under the new
nation, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction. The focus is to see how the fight for freedom over nearly a century was a
series of small steps forward that, even in the end, still left African Americans in almost the same position despite slavery
being abolished.


IntroductionProvide a broad overview of life for African Americans in the beginning during the colonial
period and then later, during the Reconstruction era. State a key change between these two periods in addition to
an example of something that might stay somewhat the same that youll expand upon later. While its important to
write about the commonly acknowledged aspects of life for African Americans in the beginning, challenge
yourself to find lesser-known details, such as the role of western African nations in the Atlantic slave trade.


Life During the colonial period and Under the New AmericaDescribe life during both of these periods. Was
life identical for slaves before and after America won its independence? What changed, and what stayed the
same? What role did African Americans play during the American Revolution in both the North and the South?
Create an argument for whether you think their role in the American Revolution did anything to change
their position in American society in the years to follow


Life During the Civil War and ReconstructionDescribe life during both of these periods, putting more focus
on the Reconstruction Era. What role did African Americans, both slaves and freemen, play in the Civil War for
the North and the South? Who were some of the leading African American figures? Compare their role in this war
versus the American Revolution. Analyze the specific changes to the legal and civil freedoms of African
Americans after the abolishment of slavery. Discuss the challenges faced by African Americans during the
Reconstruction period.

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