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Jun 08, 2023


What social and/or historical frameworks are evident in the scene (Reaganism? AIDS? Homosexual Identify? Religion or Spirituality? Historical Figures such as Roy Cohn?)

How are these specific frameworks used in the scene?

What meanings do you derive from these frameworks about Kushner’s message?

Consider the following questions for wrapping up an analysis using either option above:

What is the impact of the scene on you emotionally?
. Part 1

Read the entire text of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

Part 2

Read about “Expressing a Worldview through Theatricalism” from Stephanie Arnold’s book The Creative Spirit

Part 3

Choose one scene from Angels in America: Millennium Approaches to analyze in writing.

Write a 3-5 page analysis on a social context, historical framework or artistic influence apparent in this scene.

Double space your analysis and use a 12-point font.

Include at least two outside sources.

Include a list of references (in addition to at least 3 pages of text) used in your analysis.

Use MLA format to list your references.

Consider the following prompt questions to inspire your response:

Choose from two options, but for either one, briefly describe the scene by describing the following:

Who are the characters in the scene and what is their relationship to one another?
, What is the action of the scene (what happens)?

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