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Apr 27, 2023
Questions I chose: What does being authentic mean in your life?, What motivates you extrinsically?
In the “Discovering Your Authentic Leadership” article by George, Sims, McLean and Mayer (2007), the authors ask you to consider the following questions to assess your development as an authentic leader. For two or more of these questions, share your answers with other classmates and be sure to respond to 2 other classmates’ posts as well.
Which people and experiences in your early life had the greatest impact on you?
What tools do you use to become self-aware?
What are your most deeply held values?
What motivates you extrinsically?
What kind of support team do you have?
Is your life integrated?
What does being authentic mean in your life?
What steps can you take today, tomorrow, and over the next year to develop your authentic leadership?
NOTE: Be sure to answer two or more questions. Your initial posting in response to these questions should be a minimum of one well-developed paragraph for each question required and a maximum of three paragraphs.

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