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May 22, 2023
Imagine that your supervisor knows you
have just completed this course and asks you to devise a diversity action plan
for your organization or division within your organization. Note: Choose a real or fictive institution
(i.e., school, NGO, charity, corporation, or governmental agency) as your
intervention site. Reflecting on the readings assigned in this course and
supplemental activities, create a DEI assessment plan and toolkit for your
organization. Be sure to consider the most pressing social issues today, i.e.,
the covid pandemic, racial justice issues, food insecurity, and anything else
you foresee as a potential challenge to diversity and social justice in the
Note : look at the examples links in the uploded file .
What is DEI? What is social justice
What is workforce diversity?
Why do we want and need “diverse”


Assess the leadership and the
organizational culture of your chosen site.

Is your organization ready to adopt
DEI/Social Justice? Share your thoughts on how you would begin to assess this
question and what methods you would use. Provide a justification for using any
of these DEI methods: Forming a committee, collecting data, Interviewing
stakeholder groups, other approaches.

Think for a moment about your
institution, organization, department, or work group. Whose voices are heard
and amplified, and who gets silenced or sidelined? Are all people treated in
fair and equitable ways? Who is allowed to take on leadership and
decision-making roles?
What internal structures and cultural
aspects of the organization will you examine?
What documents/ areas of communication
are important to track and consider (mission, vision, etc.)?
What ongoing data should be collected?
How might you assess physical settings and
How might you assess leadership?
What will you consider regarding how the
organization is communicating their commitment to diversity externally?
Discuss hiring, training, promotion, mentoring processes.
What issues would you focus on that we
have covered in this class? What
emerging issues would you explore that we haven’t considered?
Given what you have learned this
semester you can probably already begin to “guess” which diversity issues will
unveil-in other words, a common set of diversity issues that plague
institutions. Write a hypothetical list of some of those issues that you might
explore, i.e., racist policies, lack of representation, access for persons with
disabilities. Consider, and reflect on,
how you would explore these issues.
Once you decide and uncover the
organizational strengths and weaknesses, how will you begin to address them?
What might an action plan look like?
Pitching the Plan–Not all leaders in
your organization will be on board, how do you propose getting them on board
for instituting the plan. How do you
plan to move people in the organization toward new and inclusive ways of
How will you communicate your plan and
intentions internally – to your workers and externally?
Outcomes measurements
How will you know you are achieving
the goals set forth in a diversity plan?
What type of assessments would you
institute to measure changes in the organization?

Toolbox of resources and action steps
What types of resources would you
provide for ongoing success?
What types of initiatives, programs,
etc. might you suggest for future growth and success?

Project requirements
Minimum of 10 typed
pages – meaning you have written four complete pages, not including title or
· 12-point font size
1-inch margins on all
Personally proofread (spell-checked
and grammar-checked)


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