What was out of date in the video?

By virtue of being an educational video, these films were shown in schools; the videos we will see were targeted toward teenagers and older. The videos to summarize are posted on a separate page. You must access one of those for this assignment to be accepted. To summarize the videos, consider the following structure: Paragraph one — Introduction:

What did you watch? Objectively introduce the video, including its title, producer, and year of release. Also include an overview of the subject matter. Finally, include a thesis that includes three pieces of evidence to be used in your third paragraph to prove the information is obsolete or outdated. Paragraph two — Summary: What was the film about? Again, objectively summarize the video.

Answer the question above by describing the plot line of the video. Paragraph three — Identifying: What was out of date in the video? Offer three instances of information in the video that is out of date or even obsolete. Consider exploring what kinds of appeals are used to persuade the audience and why they no longer work. Paragraph four — Conclude: Where have we been? Sum up what you have just said. What was the film you watched about? Restate your thesis.

What examples did you use to prove that the film was outdated? What could one gain from watching this themselves? “I STATEMENTS” OR THE PRONOUN “I” ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THIS PIECE OF WRITING. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REACT TO THE FILM OR SHARE YOUR OPINION — AT LEAST NOT OVERTLY. Here are the videos from which you may select. They are all linked, in order on the “Videos for Summary One” page.

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