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Apr 27, 2023

Public Health Question

Write a 4-page reflection paper about Ghost Map. Here’s the link for the book:… Reflection papers should be in first person voice (e.g. I felt, I thought, it reminded me, etc.) Do not give a plot summary BUT provide enough details/examples from the book to demonstrate that you read it. Do not use websites that provide summaries of the books; you must read the books yourself.
Don’t forget to use references and in-text citations, including the book itself and any other books, movies, etc. that you mention.
Don’t forget introductory and concluding paragraphs.
Papers should loosely answer some of the following questions, not necessarily in order.
What was the author’s main objective for writing this book?
Why do you think it has been assigned for this public health course?
What emotions did you feel personally about what you read?
What information did you learn or find most interesting? Least interesting?
What information did you find surprising? Why?
How does this book relate to other books you have read/movies you have seen/ things you have learned?
After reading the book, in what way has your view of the world changed, if at all?

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