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Oct 23, 2023

Engineering Practice and Key Research Methodologies

You are required to write a research proposal suitable for a master`s level engineering research project where the target timeframe is 6 months. Write a 2,000-word proposal that includes:
1. Objective / justification
2. Introduction / background
3. Review of literature
4. Hypothesis
5. Methodology
6. Risk analysis (project-related risks)
7. Time frame and work schedule/Gantt chart
8. Personnel needed / available
9. Facilities needed / available
10. Budget
11. Conclusion
Add a reflection section [≈ 200 words] to your report (Hint: start with ‘I studied...`, ‘I did...`, ‘I will...`):

- What were the key challenges you faced during this assessment, and how did you overcome them? Have you used any creative or innovative approaches to solve these problems?

- What was your approach to problem-solving during this assessment (finding a suitable idea for the research project), and how effective was it?

How have I communicated my ideas, solutions, and results to others in this assessment? What feedback have I received in Assessment-2, and how have I used it in this assessment to improve my communication skills?

A minimum 6-8 supporting references and correct use of in-text citation. Citation and referencing format should conform to the EIT marking guidelines

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