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Oct 14, 2023


1. Based on the quote by Harry Gamboa Jr, Lights, camera, cultural infraction!...As Hollywood continues to shoot Chicanos, Chicanos will have to shoot right back. In what ways is the film that we screened this week "shooting back" at Hollywood?

2. In her introduction of The Bronze Screen, Rosa Linda Fregoso rightfully points to power imbalances when it comes to gender and sexual representations in Chicano films. While radical in many ways, many Chicano films fail to stray far from problematic gender and sexual depictions found in mainstream Hollywood cinema. Discuss the ways in which this week`s film departs from the typical Chicano/Hollywood heteronormative, male/female binary. Also, can you think of another film that is invested in the Chicanx experience? (Include that in your analysis). In your response, make sure to specifically engage with both readings and both films.

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