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May 20, 2023
Whether we think about it often or not, each of us have several identities that place us within the larger social structures of stratification.
Where do you see yourself positioned within the systems of class, race, and sex/gender? (I’m Puerto Rican,Female fyi)
What has your position meant for your opportunities and life chances here in the territory or abroad?
In what ways might you have opportunities not available to others?
In what ways might opportunities be closed to you?
Are there other forms of stratification you see occuring in terms of the access you and others around you have to resources?


I don’t need any Sources and No citation style! Thank you! Must be 500 words or more!

Grading Criteria for Journals
Topic Coverage (40 points)
Topic is adequately covered. Student has addressed and/discussed the major issues relevant to the topic. And, all questions have been addressed.
Quality of Ideas and Insights (20 points)
Student’s discussion of material is insightful. It is clear that the student has given some thought to the materials and the topic addressed within the paper.
Clarity and Organization (5 points)
Ideas within the paper are presented clearly; they are easily understood by the reader. Paragraphs are organized in a logical and straightforward manner.
Grammar and Mechanics (5 points)
The paper has few (if any) grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Sentences are complete and paragraphs are of an appropriate length. Any outside materials are referenced and cited.


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