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Apr 26, 2023
Essay Instructions:
. Write a minimum of 1200 words (but no more than 2000), structure your essay with an introduction, main body, and conclusion.
The similarity should be below 15% (including quotes). Please check the similarity after submitting the essay and rewrite/resubmit if it is higher than 15%. Don’t forget to erase the questions/instructions.
. Be clear, coherent, and proofread your essay before submitting it.
. Provide your sources in a bibliography at the end of your essay.


Where does inequality come from and what is the best way for achieving social change?
Read the two assigned texts. Your essay should include answers for the following questions: (You may answer the questions separately or incorporate them in your essay.)
Patricia Hill Collins in her essay Toward a New Vision (see Ore’s textbook p.485-494) argues that we often fail to see how our own ideas and behaviors perpetuate some else’s oppression.
1. What makes it difficult for us to see the ways that we participate in transforming difference into inequality? And how can we improve? Provide an example of an idea or behavior (your own or other people’s) that perpetuate the inequality of others? Please describe.
Thomas Piketty argues for two ways to address inequality and achieving social change.
2. Which of the two makes more sense to you? Please describe briefly and explain why?
3. How do the two authors approach inequality differently? Find two or more points to compare. Add your own thoughts/conclusion.Where does inequality come from and what is the best way for achieving social change?

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