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PRESENTATION #1: Your first presentation can be on an object, process, event or concept that has something to do with your chosen field (see the bottom of this page for examples). Please, no "how to" speeches (e.g., how to brush your teeth). You need to do research and cite at least 3 credible (Provided above) references in your presentation.

1. First, select a general topic, ask your tentative audience members to view your speech and set a date for your speech. Once you know your audience and you have set a date, begin to narrow your topic and start your research keeping in mind the demographics and psychology of your audience. Write your paragraph "Audience Analysis" by answering the appropriate questions listed below.

2. Develop your full sentence speech and professional visual aid. Practice, practice, practice and create your speaking outline (an abbreviated speech outline that includes key words and key sentences to trigger the content of what you want to say. Doing this allows for you to be extemporaneous with your audience).

3. Present on your speech date making sure that you can record your speech.

4. After you have presented, you need to view the tape and write a self-critique essay commenting on the quality of your performance (see the criteria listed below).

AUDIENCE ANALYSIS: Write a brief analysis in which you analyze your specific audience and the speaking context. In other words, who is the audience, where is the presentation taking place, under what circumstances, etc. Also, you need to identify common needs/characteristics that such an audience would share. Think in terms of shared audience characteristics: parents; consumers; students; employees; etc. Discuss how these common needs helped you prepare the presentation and list specific audience needs that you will appeal to in the presentation. Base your analysis on the people in your specific audience context.

Then answer ALL appropriate questions in your audience analysis:

- Does the group want me to present on a particular topic? If I choose my own topic, has the group heard a presentation recently on what I`m planning to talk about? What are some of the recent topics of other presenters who have spoken to the group?

- What are the listeners` attitudes toward my topic? What are their expectations (for example, are the expecting a serious presentation or a humorous talk)?

- How much interest do the listeners` have in my topic? Are they extremely interested? Moderately interested? Uninterested at this point? Neutral or apathetic?

- How much does the audience already know on the subject? A great deal? A little? Nothing?

What do the listeners know about me? Do they have any preconceived ideas about who I am and what I stand for?
- What are the listeners` ages?
- Are both men and women represented?
- What is the educational level?
- What are the occupations?
- What are their affiliations?
- What is the social and economic status?
- Will the listeners` be wearing formal or informal dress?
- Does the group seem to respond well to a particular approach (such as humor or visual aids)? Have previous presenters encountered any difficulties with this group? If so, please explain.
- Are there any subjects or types of humor that are taboo with this group?
- Is there anything else about the audience that I should know in order to meet their needs and interests?

Self-Critique: After creating and taping your speech, you are required to view the entire speech and write a short essay evaluating your own performance. Your essay must include your evaluation of (1) the introduction, (2) the body, (3) the conclusion, (4) the quality of your visual aid, and (5) your delivery. I would recommend using the criteria listed in the grading sheet to frame your critique.

Answer the following questions in a coherent paragraph: After reading the evaluation form, did you include ALL of the necessary components of an introduction, body, and conclusion? Was the visual aid professional and easy to understand and read? Did you read your speech or did you sound as if you were having an interesting conversation with your audience? Were you appropriately dressed for the speech? (You should look professional.) What were the strengths of your speech? What were the weaknesses or what would you do to improve the speech?

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