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May 12, 2023

Case: Medisys Corp: The IntensCare Product Development Team
No conceptual article this week, BUT make sure to view the Coursera videos on “Heavyweight” development teams – specifically the following three:
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The Medisys team has a number of problems (challenges, in corporate-speak). We will discuss how the team could do better! To get ready answer these questions:

1. Consider the model of a heavyweight team described in the videos. The IntensCare team seems intended to be working as something like a heavyweight team, though it is clearly not behaving that way. Identify two pieces of advice about heavyweight teams from the videos (i.e., two ideas about what it takes to make such teams successful) and explain why this advice could help the IntensCare team at Medisys work more effectively. Incorporate some relevant case facts in your explanation.

2. Valerie Merz has serious concerns about members on the team. Why do you think Jack Fogel is leading the IntensCare team the way that he is? Why is Bret O’Brien so resistant to Merz’s concerns? Here we are looking for a thoughtful and developed answer that discusses both Fogel and O’Brien. The ideas in the answer can be based on your own experience, observations about the case, and/or concepts from the course (for this answer, the latter is not required).

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