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Jun 02, 2023
Submit a Word document with your responses and be sure to also attach any relevant Excel files with your submission.
Chapter 13 Exercises
Why is it generally necessary to add nonnegativity constraints to an optimization model? Wouldn’t Solver automatically choose nonnegative values for the decision variable cells?
A furniture company manufactures desks and chairs. Each desk uses four units of wood, and each chair uses three units of wood. A desk contributes $400 to profit, and a chair contributes $250. Marketing restrictions require that the number of chairs produced be at least twice the number of desks produced. There are 2000 units of wood available.
Use Solver to maximize the company’s profit.
Confirm graphically that the solution in part a maximizes the company’s profit.
Chapter 14 Exercises
The employee scheduling model in this chapter (attached) was purposely made small (only seven decision variable cells). What would make a similar problem for a com-pany like McDonald’s much harder? What types of constraints would be required? How many decision variable cells (approximately) might there be?
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