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Apr 26, 2023
These are different prompts for the personal statement, i want one essay that answers all these questions. Talking about my passion for architecture both in the past and in the future. Growing up seeing my father doing real estate and renovation and seeing his passion.


This is my undergrad essay(For a better understanding of my past for the writer) :

Most people would consider my life in Iran to have been purely privileged. Although I am grateful for everything I had, the deprivation of social opportunity for women that came with living in a conservative Middle Eastern country, hindered my progression.

My parents have always gone out of their way to provide me with an exceptional array of opportunity. To that end, I attended one of the most rigorous high schools in Iran, where in addition to meticulous academics, uniquely offered extra-curricular activities. I was a Mathematics major in High School, and to enhance my skills, I joined the architecture club, given my life-long interest in the field. I spent my junior year designing an exhibition center, confident to win at the national annual competition. A week before it was held, the organization announced that all female schools were disqualified, without any rational justification.

I had never felt so violated. I was confident in my project, proud of the effort I had put into it, and tremendously grateful for the learning experience. Yet, for measures completely out of my hands, I was robbed of the opportunity to share my efforts. . As such obstacles to my success became more blatant, my parents had more reason to move to the United States.

After settling down in ——, I chose my courses at —– College based on my interest in architecture; and given that my inherent characteristics were not in the way of my success anymore, this interest blossomed into a passion. Overcoming this obstacle exposed me to the possibility of boundless opportunity.

At the University of—–, I will be able to utilize my full potential to achieve my goals. I am excited to excel in an environment, where my efforts have full control over my outcomes. I am confident that I will thrive in —– intellectually diverse culture, by giving voice to my ideas and values, while simultaneously learning about that of brilliant faculty, staff, and fellow students.

The prompts for the new personal statement:
A one-to-two page statement of purpose should address your reasons for applying to( THE SCHOOL NAME) , your choice of a specific discipline, and the direction of future work. You also may want to comment on recent developments that support your decision to apply

We would love to know one important thing you imagine contributing to the world upon graduating with a masters of architecture degree from. As you share your thoughts with us, please also know that, we are less interested in your qualifications, and more interested in your trajectory, your purpose, and your reason for dedicating yourself to the pursuit of architecture. Why is now the right time for you to be in school? What do you imagine contributing to our community? How do you imagine we can best aid you in accomplishing that goal? Please be as concise and deliberate as possible in two pages or less.


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