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Introduction to Business Analytics

Your Task

Consider information below regarding Carrefour, the global French grocery retailer.

Read the case study carefully and using the resources listed, together with your own research, complete:

Part A (Industry Report)

Part B (Application for data access presentation)

Assessment Description

French watchdog fines Carrefour 3 million euros for privacy rule breaches

In 2020, French watchdog CNIL fined two of Carrefour`s subsidiaries a total of 3.05 million euros for breaching European Union data privacy rules.
The watchdog said Carrefour France and Carrefour Banque, the French retailer`s financial services subsidiary, had failed to properly inform internet users about loyalty programmes and credit card applications on their respective websites.

It said information was also lacking on how long Carrefour France intended to keep customers` personal data. The initial data retention period of four years was deemed excessive by the watchdog.
The data privacy authority also found that Carrefour France didn`t make it easy for customers to see personal data collected from them by the company, one of the EU`s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Source: Reuters
Additional resource: Carrefour Links article


As an analyst within Carrefour, you have been tasked with considering ways in which customer data can be used to further assist Carrefour with its marketing campaigns.

These tasks are now subject to a review by an external regulatory body, given Carrefour`s recent data breach.
As a Data Analyst, you have been asked to justify why Carrefour should be allowed to use customer data with its Carrefour Links platform, to the external regulatory body.

Assessment Instructions

Part A: Industry Report (1800 words) - Individual

Prepare your report justifying why Carrefour should be allowed to use customer data in the way described in the brief describing Carrefour Links, using the following headings:

Data Security and privacy

Argue how Carrefour will address data security, privacy and accuracy issues associated with the use of the database in the way proposed in the brief. In so doing, refer to the GDPR.

Ethical Considerations

Appraise the ethical considerations behind whether the customer has the option to opt in or opt out of having their data used and stored in the way proposed by this analytics brief.

Formulate an overview of other ethical issues of gathering, maintaining and using the data in the way proposed in the brief above.

Artificial Intelligence

Provide a conjecture on how developments in AI will intersect with data security, privacy and ethics, especially in light of your proposed analytics project.

Data Usability

Evaluate how stakeholders, including end customers, will benefit from the use of their customer data for marketing purposes. In so doing, refer to descriptive, predictive and prescriptive applications of the data available and the data analytics software tools this would require.

Note that it is a requirement to support each of your key points with references (both academic and "grey" material). Use the resources provided as well as your own research to assist with data collection and data privacy discussions.

Part B: Presentation


You are required to prepare a presentation of 6 - 12 PowerPoint slides. You are an analyst at Carrefour

Although it`s Carrefour`s own data, regulators and legislators are becoming increasingly concerned about the way in which certain types of analytics projects can infringe on privacy, individual rights and potentially be in contravention of the GDPR and other legislation.

Create a video presentation of approximately 5 minutes, using Zoom, in which you discuss how Carrefour plans to use this data and the broad implications involved. Instructions on uploading the video into Kaltura will be present in the assessment table on the subject portal page.

Discuss the issues below, and imagine you are communicating this presentation to government (regulators and / or legislators) as your primary audience.

Why you want the data and the resulting benefits to your customer base;

How the data can be sourced ethically and securely;

How you will keep the data safe from the type of attack on customer data outlined in the article above.

How you will use your analytical findings in an ethical way.

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