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Jun 01, 2023
The first unit (1) introduces the discipline of sociology, defined as the scientific study of human social life, which encompasses both objective (structure, relations, interactions) and subjective (beliefs, meaning, values) features of the human experience; and (2) overviews perspectives and methods sociologists use in studying social life.


With the exception of Durkheim and functionalism, this because his theory is focused on culture at a grand scale, the second unit emphasizes those ideas covered by microsociology and those sociologists interested in the more subjective, interactional, and cultural side of the human experience. (The second half of the course will emphasize the more objective and macrosociological interests of sociologists.)

In this discussion forum, again the first of two, feel free to discuss any of these matters. You may pull from the textbook, the online readings, and any of the slides and videos. As noted above, stay close to the course materials so the discussion can proceed on common grounds. Do not submit posts in an answer or outline format. Construct proper posts, which means essay format, and make them substantive.

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