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May 23, 2023

Within the study of human biology, it is imperative to understand the structures and functions of the human body and how the body systems perform and adapt. As an exploration into the complex ways the body works, this signature assignment has been developed to identify complex problems and evaluate the information of a human body system of choice.

The Body Systems Project is comprised of three culminating portions of completion. This is the first portion of this project.
Course Project: Part 1 – Topic Introduction Paper (50 points)

Compile an introduction paper that gives detailed explanation of the function and structure with research citations to reinforce your basic understanding of the system. Additionally include: Why is the system important? What does this system do for our body?
Remember to only pick one body system to cover!! This isn’t a project on the whole body. Just one specific system. ie
Respiratory, endocrine, reproductive etc.

APA formatted
2 pages minimum

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