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May 25, 2023

Work-life balance is a significant concern in the modern workplace, with many employees striving to achieve equilibrium between personal, professional, and family life. To address this issue, senior management has tasked you with investigating the work-life balance of employees and identifying factors that could impact this balance positively. Some essential factors to consider in the survey development process encompass work hours, job satisfaction, social media usage, gender, age, marital status, parental status, income, educational background, commute duration, cell phone usage, and nightly sleep hours.

For the preliminary survey, I propose the following questions for approval:

  1. Discrete Numerical Questions: a. How many hours do you typically work per week? (Please select one option)

    • Less than 20 hours
    • 20-40 hours
    • 41-60 hours
    • More than 60 hours

    b. On average, how many hours do you spend with your family per week? (Please select one option)

    • Less than 10 hours
    • 10-20 hours
    • 21-30 hours
    • More than 30 hours
  2. Continuous Numerical Questions: a. What is your monthly income before taxes? (Please specify in dollars) [Textbox for numerical response]

    b. How many minutes do you spend commuting to work each way? (Please specify in minutes) [Textbox for numerical response]

  3. Categorical Questions: a. What is your gender? (Please select one option)

    • Male
    • Female
    • Non-binary
    • Prefer not to disclose

    b. Are you a parent? (Please select one option)

    • Yes
    • No
  4. Nominal Categorical Question: a. Which social media platforms do you use regularly? (Please select all that apply)

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Snapchat
    • TikTok
    • Other (please specify)
  5. Ordinal Categorical Question: a. How satisfied are you with your current job? (Please select one option)

    • Very Dissatisfied
    • Dissatisfied
    • Neutral
    • Satisfied
    • Very Satisfied
  6. Interval Numerical Question: a. On a scale of 1 to 10, how stressed do you feel at work on average? (1 being not stressed at all, 10 being extremely stressed) [Slider from 1 to 10]

  7. Ratio Numerical Question: a. How many hours of sleep do you typically get per night? (Please specify in hours) [Textbox for numerical response]

Each question includes the type of question, possible responses, and space for numerical responses where applicable.

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