Workbook Engagement Task “What Is Critiquing: Business 2 Business Assignment, DBS, Ireland

Week 1 – Introduction to International Marketing

  • Workbook Engagement Task “What is critiquing?”
  • Reflect & Write: Write up the verbs linked with critiquing.
  • Reflect: Why is writing up a list of verbs merely descriptive?

Week 2 – What is the Role of the Firm in Society?

  • Workbook Engagement Task: “What is the Role of the Firm in Society?
  • Discuss our expectations of firms; their roles &
    responsibilities in society? Write up what was said. Compare and contrast these opinions.
  • Reading with friends and family the BR Roundtable Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. Write up and reflect on the opinions expressed.

Week 3

Workbook engagement Task: Review and write up a word reflection on the key factors that make B2B different to B2C.

 Week 4

  • Workbook Engagement Task: What is marketing?
  • Discuss, around home or with friends, ask the question “what is marketing?”
  • Workbook Engagement Task: Loasby’s alternative objectives to Profit Maximisation.Read and capture notes on Loasby’s article on alterative objectives to “profit maximisation”.

Week 6

Workbook Engagement Task: Mushroom Farmers & Supermarkets. Read and post online a comment about the relationships between mushroom farmers and the supermarkets. Curry Interview: I’m proud to say we were one of the first firms to sell stuffed mushrooms to the big supermarkets’

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