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May 27, 2023

Each student will complete a Windshield Assessment of their assigned practicum site community. This will help identify objective data and define the community, trends, and other factors that may influence your approach to Assignments 3 and 5.

FL Zip Code 33157

The Windshield Assessment template is located under the Practicum Forms Module in Canvas. Use this form to develop your assessment in PowerPoint format (10 slides total, including title slide with presenter notes). Include photos of the community. Address the following criteria in this assignment:

Complete all sections (A-D). Write a paragraph to summarize the community assessed. Cite any epidemiological data. Summarize findings and write a short description of a nursing intervention needed for the community of interest. Include what you perceive to be a need for this community. (This will help you with Assignments 3 and 5). Please include a title page or title slide. This is NOT a scholarly APA paper. Utilize and complete the template and place the narrative paragraph at the end (Section D). Submit by the due date. SECTION A Boundaries

Describe the boundaries of the neighborhood (highway, railroad, lake, river, gated community). Does the community have a name? Is the name displayed? Are there unofficial names for the community? Are there sub-sections within the community or neighborhood? Housing

How old are the houses, what style, and of what materials are they constructed? Are all the houses similar? Are there single and multi-family homes in the community? What is the approximate lot size? Are there vacant homes? Does the community show signs of improvements? Does the community show signs of decay? Is there trash, abandoned cars, boarded-up buildings, rubble, poor drainage, disease vector areas? SECTION B Parks and Recreation

Are there parks and recreation facilities? Describe. Is the open space public or private? Stores

What grocery stores and neighborhood stores are available? How do the residents of the community travel to the stores? Transportation

What is the condition of the streets? What forms of public transportation are available? Is there a major highway near the neighborhood? Service Centers

What social agencies, recreation centers, and schools are in the community? Are there health care providers: physician offices, dentists, clinics, emergency rooms, hospitals? SECTION C Population

Who is on the streets? How are they dressed? What animals do you see? Is there police and fire protection available? Does a specific ethnic group predominate in the community? Are there churches or places of worship in the community? Would you rate this community as upper, upper-middle, middle, working-class, or lower-class? How would you base this judgment? SECTION D Nursing Assessment of the Community

What zip code did you survey? ___________________________ What would be a need for a community health nurse to begin a health promotion project in this community? Task

Analyze the assigned community (Zip Code 33157) using the provided Windshield Assessment template. Summarize the community in a paragraph, citing any relevant epidemiological data. Identify and describe a nursing intervention needed for the community. Outline perceived needs that will assist with future assignments. Submission

Complete the assessment in PowerPoint format, including a title slide. Ensure all sections are addressed with detailed explanations. Include photos and presenter notes for context. Submit by the due date as specified in the course guidelines.

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