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Jun 02, 2023
Write a 750 – 1,000 word rhetorical analysis essay in which you examine Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” for its effectiveness in achieving her purpose. In your essay, carefully analyze the speaker’s use of rhetorical strategies, such as ethos, pathos, and logos, to convey their message and persuade the audience. **Use your outline to guide your writing process.


Your analysis should address the following points:

MLA Format, double space, header. (*See @

Clearly identify the speaker’s purpose. What is the main goal or intention behind the Ted Talk? Is it to inform, persuade, entertain, inspire, or provoke thought?

Assess the speaker’s use of ethos. How does the speaker establish credibility and authority on the topic? Do they rely on personal experiences, professional achievements, or expert endorsements to gain the audience’s trust?

Evaluate the speaker’s use of pathos. How does the speaker evoke emotions and connect with the audience on an emotional level? Do they use personal stories, vivid imagery, or powerful language to elicit a specific emotional response?

Analyze the speaker’s use of logos. How does the speaker present logical arguments and evidence to support their main points? Do they use facts, statistics, expert opinions, or logical reasoning to appeal to the audience’s intellect?

Assess the overall effectiveness of the speaker’s rhetorical strategies in achieving their purpose. Does the speaker effectively combine ethos, pathos, and logos to engage and persuade the audience? How does the speaker maintain the audience’s attention throughout the talk?

Reflect on your personal response to the Ted Talk. Did the speaker’s purpose resonate with you? Did their rhetorical strategies effectively engage and persuade you? Explain your reasons and provide specific examples from the talk to support your response.

In your essay, provide a well-structured analysis with clear topic sentences and supporting evidence from the Ted Talk. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of rhetorical strategies and their impact on audience perception. Aim to present a balanced evaluation of the speaker’s effectiveness, providing insightful observations and thoughtful conclusions.

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