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May 03, 2023

As part of my Bachelor’s degree program, I am currently completing a six-month internship at the renowned The Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. My daily duties as a Financial Intern at The Dolder Grand include a wide range of duties, as listed below:


Function goal or brief description of the area of responsibility
Implementation of the Quality Management D-Code
Active promotion of the company culture and customer and service-oriented behavior in various everyday and exceptional situations – in line with comprehensive customer satisfaction.

Main tasks 1
Technical tasks
Debtors, credit cards, cash, vouchers, cash registers and vending machines:
Monitoring and management of debtors up to the second reminder stage in cooperation with the Income Auditor. Booking of all payments, issuance of various types of invoices, as well as various monthly invoices for companies and external tenants.
Daily and monthly recapitulation and control of all transactions using different payment methods (cash, credit cards, vouchers, etc.)
Assistance in the timely and correct booking of all cash receipts from vending machines and cash registers, as well as the associated stocking with change and emptying of the machines.
Petty cash:
Manages the petty cash including stock funds in the absence of the Income Auditor.
Creditor management:
Supports the accurate and timely recording, allocation, and approval of delivery notes and creditor invoices, as well as the associated verification of delivery/delivery note, recording and invoicing, up to payment approval or forwarding to the respective department.
Cost transparency, control and periodic closures:
Supports inventories, carries out sample assessments of accuracy, and checks internal movements of goods.
Coordinates and ensures the correct recording and booking of periodic inventories and accruals of expenses together with the Operations Analyst.
Other tasks
Support Team Accounting
Special features
Flexibility regarding working hours
Takes over the representation of the Income Auditor and Operations Analyst.

In addition, I now have full control over managing the tasks associated with accounts payable, including managing bills and other typical accounts payable duties. After only two months as an intern, I was given this responsibility.

In addition, I have worked more closely with the Purchasing Team as most of the invoices come from them, particularly those for deliveries and associated costs. As a result, I’ve been given a big responsibility in this new division or department.

Please refer to the documents that are attached below for more information.

University Template: The questions that need to be answered (A, B, and C) are listed in this document. There is only one acceptable response for question C, so feel free to choose that one.

Grading Template: This attachment may help you to determine the requirements that must be met in order to receive credit for your work.

Personal Attempt: To aid in a more thorough understanding, I have also included a brief example of my own work.

If you need any clarification or additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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