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Mar 15, 2023
  • A crime is a crime when one do it it doen`t matter if he/she is a politician, judge, king, queen or an ordinary person they have to deal with the circumtances.

    CRIME — violent offences — choking, suffocation or strangulation — s 37(1A) of the Crimes Act 1900 — meaning of “intentionally chokes” — declaration that “intentionally chokes” means “intentionally apply pressure to the neck so as to be capable of affecting the breath or the flow of blood to or from the head” CRIME — appeals — appeal against directed acquittal — where primary judge directed acquittal for intentional choking — direction based on erroneous construction of “intentionally chokes” — where it was open on the evidence for the jury to find “choking” on its correct construction CRIME — appeals — appeal against conviction — inconsistent verdicts — whether conviction in respect of sequence 4 is inconsistent with acquittal in respect of sequences 1-3 and acquittal by jury in respect of counts 1 and 2 — where evidence of witness in relation to sequence 4 was supported by evidence of bruising — no inconsistency in verdicts CRIME — appeals — appeal against sentence — manifest excess — no error of principle demonstrated CRIME — appeals — discretion not to remit matter for retrial — where accused has served a longer time in prison than the head sentence imposed STATUTORY INTERPRETATION — legislative purpose — s 37(1A) of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) — meaning of “intentionally chokes” — context of the provision — where there is clear legislative intention to deter controlling behaviours by perpetrators of family and domestic violence — purpose of provision to prohibit conduct capable of restricting breathing and/or blood flow to or from the head

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