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May 10, 2023

-Must be in APA documentation
-Must be written in third person
-References must be on the last page


Thesis: The Covid-19 pandemic has been a threat to individuals of all ages since it started in January 2020 in China; however, many will remember it as the pandemic that spread to every country across the globe, as a result it was easily spread which caused many deaths, too many people were getting sick which was the reason for the lockdowns, and many shortages in supplies which resulted in many businesses to close.
Body paragraph 1 topic and concluding sentences: One of the causes was deaths that occurred in the spreading of Covid-19.
Among the different factors of deaths was that it was easily spread.
Body paragraph 2 topic and concluding sentences: In addition to many deaths, another effect of Covid-19 were that many businesses closed.
Another reason for the businesses closing were that there were many shortages in supplies.
Body paragraph 3 topic and concluding sentences: While the of the causes covid-19 pandemic are many, which resulted in too many people getting sick.
Though many of the results of Covid-19 are tragic, having lockdowns will likely prevent it from spreading more.

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