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Jun 01, 2023
Write a children’s story that depicts one of the developmental process or signal transduction
pathway we will discuss this semester. Your task involves two goals: (1) to convey substantial,
in-depth developmental process; and (2) to create an attractive, entertaining story that will hold a
child’s interest. Illustrations and creative naming of characters are an excellent way to convey
information about developmental process. If possible, include information on how the
developmental process or signal transduction pathway was discovered. I recommend that you
design your story to involve a plot with characters. What does NOT work is to simply have a
character recite a watered-down lecture about Developmental Biology.


Please make a powerpoint and illustrations suitable for a childrens story

I choose the following pathway ” differential gene expression mediates the progressive acquisition of cell fate”

I even have a short story written if you would like to add on to it here it is

” Once upon a time, in a colorful land called the Embryonic Kingdom, there lived a group of cells called the Undifferentiated Ones. These cells were special because they had the ability to become any type of cell in the body. They were like tiny superheroes, with the power to transform into anything!
One day, a group of Undifferentiated Ones decided to embark on a journey to discover their true calling. They knew that they had to undergo a process called differentiation, where they would gradually acquire their specific cell fate.
As they traveled through the kingdom, they encountered a wise scientist named Dr. Gene. Dr. Gene was an expert on the process of differentiation and was fascinated by the Undifferentiated Ones.
Dr. Gene explained to the Undifferentiated Ones that their fate was determined by the differential expression of their genes. Each cell had a unique combination of genes that would be activated or deactivated depending on its specific fate.
The Undifferentiated Ones were amazed by this discovery and eager to learn more. Dr. Gene took them on a tour of the kingdom and showed them how different cells were formed.
They watched as a group of cells began to express specific genes that turned them into heart cells. They marveled as other cells began to express genes that turned them into skin cells, muscle cells, and bone cells.
The Undifferentiated Ones realized that this process of differential gene expression was the key to their own destiny. They were determined to uncover their unique combination of genes and acquire their specific cell fate.
And so, they set out on a quest to activate the genes that would turn them into their desired cell type. They worked hard, using their superpowers to turn on and off specific genes until they finally acquired their specific cell fate.
Dr. Gene watched with pride as the Undifferentiated Ones transformed into heart cells, muscle cells, and bone cells. He knew that their journey of discovery had not only helped them to acquire their cell fate, but had also contributed to the field of Developmental Biology.
And so, the Undifferentiated Ones went forth into the kingdom, using their new powers to help build and maintain the body. They were proud of their unique cell fate and knew that they had a special role to play in the development of the kingdom.
As they went on their way, they knew that the journey of differentiation was not easy, but they were grateful for the wise guidance of Dr. Gene, and they knew that they could achieve anything they set their minds to, with hard work and determination.”

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