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May 03, 2023
To begin, identify a key theme and provide interpretive evidence from the assigned reading. Then, analyze the chosen, contemporary “text” and determine whether there is a thematic continuity from the assigned reading. Do the two texts share similarities or do they differ in significant ways? What might these differences tell us about how concepts have changed over time? Are there insights about the historical eras that we can glean? What does it mean that artists return to similar themes or diverge from


4 pages (~1000 words)
12pt. Times New Roman, double-space
A thesis statement
– A clear, focused, and opinionated claim about the similarities shared or differences between the two texts
Analytical paragraphs
– Topic sentences that declares an interpretive claim
– Evidence that supports your claim
Comparative paragraphs
– Paragraphs that develop your thesis and effectively compare/contrast both texts.

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