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May 13, 2023

Analysis of Group Experience


Write a paper about what you learned about yourself through participating in the large and small groups. This is an opportunity for you to process your own group experience from the perspectives of group member and leader. Be sure to write in specific and concrete terms rather than general and global terms (substantiate your points with concrete examples). Address not only what you learned, but how you learned it, and how the insight you gained about yourself will impact your life personally and professionally. The following questions may help to guide your self-exploration:

What did you learn about yourself?
Focus on personal qualities, beliefs, and attitudes that may enhance or detract from your effectiveness as a group leader
Assess the extent to which you achieved personal goals that you identified at the beginning of the semester
Identify some countertransference issues that you may encounter in the future based on your experiences in the small and/or large groups
Describe your strongest and weakest skills as a group leader and your plan for addressing skills that need improvement

What did you learn about group processes?
Describe the personality of your group
Describe the way your small group functioned and what you have learned about how groups function and malfunction
Discuss how you will translate what you learned in this course to future groups that you may lead
Describe the evolution of your group in terms of stages of development and specific group processes (e.g., level of trust established, impact of working with co-leaders, conflict and/or resistance, cohesion)
*** This should be at least 3 pages or longer

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