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Apr 26, 2023

You will need to design and carry out a lab experiment for each unit to explore questions you have about the science behind the foods covered in each unit. You’ll need to come up with an Introduction, Hypothesis, Experiment Design & Method, which is the procedure I’ll have to follow. I’ll need an Independent & Dependent Variable along with Reducing Confounding Factors if applicable.
Then at the end, I’ll need an Analysis and Discussion portion of the experiment, summing up the results of the experiment and relating the experiment back to the book, which I will post below.

I’ve also attached examples of two experiments that were carried out along with the instructions in further detail. I’ll include a document with ideas for experiments that can be carried out but you can choose anything as long as it’s of the listed 3 food groups. Once you have your food selected, let me know and I’ll upload the readings on that particular food to help.

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