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May 12, 2023
For Essay #3, you will write a Research Paper in which you examine the legacy of one of the texts or authors that we have read this semester.
Use your research to answer the following question: What influence has this text or author had on literature and/or storytelling?


The body paragraphs of the essay should include/explain:
• One (no more than two) paragraph(s) of background information on the text or author. For example, you might consider the author’s or text’s origins, location, relevant dates, etc.
• What main ideas and/or themes does the text or author explore? Discuss at least two themes that emerge in the text or in the author’s work. Are these themes still relevant today? Why or why not? Consider how a modern reader might relate to them.
• Which authors/storytellers have been influenced by this text or author? How and/or why has it influenced them?
• How has this story/author’s work been adapted over time? Are there different mediums that the story has taken? (Film, plays, songs, artwork, etc.)
• How have attitudes or interpretations of the text/author changed over time? Consider why this text or author is relevant to us today.


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