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Apr 25, 2023

    Select a nurse that historically contributed to the advancement of the profession.

    In a 2–3-page paper (not including the title page or reference page), include the following information:
    Describe the background of the nurse you selected.
    Discuss the major social issues occurring at the time this nurse lived.
    Describe two contributions this nurse made to the nursing profession including an explanation of how these two unique contributions influenced current nursing practice.

    You may use your textbook, readings, and the following for background information.

    ANA Hall of Fame
    American Association for the History of Nursing
    Museum of Nursing History – Slide Show Gallery
    Strout, K. (2012). Wellness promotion and the institute of medicine’s future of nursing report: Are nurses ready? Holistic Nursing Practice 26(3), 129-136


    Perform the following tasks:
    Conduct a literature review and identify current recommendations for screening exams for an at-risk patient population.
    Write an engaging and informative paper that would be helpful for someone in the discipline wanting to learn about current recommendations for screening exams for the identified at-risk patient population.
    Use the following as a checklist for the scholarly paper:
    Include the following elements:
    Title page (APA formatted title page).
    Background knowledge-brief summary of current knowledge on the at-risk population and the current recommendation for screening exams
    Challenges imposed in practice
    Intext citation present and appropriate
    Literature Review
    Expound on the current recommendations for screening exams for selected at-risk population.
    Literature searches for the topic on the web and in databases are limited to peer-reviewed professional nursing and medical journals, texts, and writings (no older than 5 years).
    Uses literature to support claims, facts, and statistics.
    Intext Citation present and appropriate.
    Proposed Intervention
    Clearly state proposed intervention(s)
    Define the ethical considerations or issues relevant to proposed intervention(s)
    State why the intervention(s) were chosen
    Describe the implications of the proposed intervention to nursing education and practice.
    All work should have appropriate citations and reference lists.
    Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font; 1-inch margins; double-spaced.
    Consists of 500 to 800 words in length (four to five paragraphs)
    Citation and references are to follow the APA manual format
    References should be no more than 5 years old
    Wikipedia (or similar sites) is not to be used as a reference
    Taber’s and/or other medical dictionaries or encyclopedias are not to be used as references.
    Proofread and edit the paper carefully, following the assignment rubric.
    Use the plagiarism tool to check the summary against unintended plagiarism.

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