Write a theme about female expressions which involved literature.

Write a theme about female expressions which involved literature, movies, advertisements & music in both Egypt & the US with feminist aspects.

You may pick an entire means of expression & talk about its evolution in both countries, or just either country. You can reflect on a feminist writer of your choice from both or either country. You have more freedom to discuss how the female forms of expression changed over the years artistically and how our different cultures had a role to play in this.

You can compare music in both countries as well of course. I am giving you the choice and space to reflect on whatever aspect you want to in this theme. And I most certainly have no problem with objecting to a certain movie/writer/song as soon as your objection is done tactfully and is backed up with reasonable argumentation.

Whatever you write about I need you to please:

1- Add a bibliography AND IN-TEXT citation if you are stating ANY facts/figures and if you are relying on external sources.

2- I want YOUR OPINION in your ‘reflection’. Tell me why you chose that topic, and what intrigued you to do so. Do you agree with it or not? Maybe you want to add external sources linking this topic to something you heard or heard. I NEED TO READ YOUR OPINION CLEARLY THROUGHOUT THE PAPER PLEASE.

3- Kindly abide by the word count limit plz (600-800 words) & make sure you have no structure/spelling mistakes.

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