Write about Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913).

Write about Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913). He was the independent co-discoverer of evolution by natural selection that your textbook authors omitted from their section on Charles Darwin. Describe why you think they did that? nalysis of values/beliefs in social welfare policy? What are your thoughts on this controversy?


2-3 double-spaced pages with standard one-inch margins (not including title page or references page).

APA formatted citations and references are required.

APA style hints can be found at OWL (Purdue):

To earn full credit, you must use at least one additional appropriate scholarly references. This requirement is waive this assignment.
Clear writing is essential. You will be graded, in part, on the clarity of the presentation of your ideas. Remember that the key to a short essay is to decide on a main point and make it not just the focus but actually the organizational framework for the whole paper. Support your points using the information in the readings. Make arguments about how the evidence from the readings should be interpreted and how these interpretations support the point you are presenting.
Answers are given credit for depth, coherence, accuracy and logic demonstrated in taking a position regarding some aspect of the reading and supporting that position with logical arguments and evidence, pro and con, from the reading.

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