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Apr 26, 2023

Write an argumentive essay aboout why pyscdelics should be legalized since they serve as a sucessful tretament for mental heatlh disroders, like depression,anxiety, PTSD, etc.

PLEASE choose from any of these articles for the citations!!
1. “LSD Could Be the Key to Alleviating the Mental Health Crisis” sasha butts
2. Psychedelics Are Poised to Reshape Psychiatry” New York Times
3. Ecstasy and Acid in Your Medicine Cabinet? Doctors Explore Psychedelics; Scientists and scholars discussed experiments with psychedelic drugs to treat anxiety, depression, addiction and other issues at a recent conference in New York City
4. “Psychedelics: Can getting high improve your mental health?” CNN Wire

if you need/want more articles just let me know and i can send them over!

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