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Apr 27, 2023
The second part of this assignment is a three (3) page integration essay (with pictures) (APA guidelines), that provides detailed information on the student’s efforts to fulfill their own statement and complete the activities outlined, using a triple bottom line and social responsibility approach.


Answer the following questions for the essay:
Was your initial statement and outline realistic/ attainable? Why or why not?
What practices were you successful in incorporating into your daily life? Which practices did you not follow and why? In this part of the essay you MUST write about social responsibility, environmental footprint, and financial wellbeing (optionally, you can also speak about your physical or emotional wellbeing).
What was the biggest challenge to fulfill the statement and outline in all areas (social, environmental, financial) did you encounter? What was the most rewarding aspect of this exercise?
What practices do you plan to continue and why?
How did this exercise help you understand the importance of Social Responsibility and Sustainability at a professional and personal level and its connection to society at large?
This essay will follow APA guidelines and shall be a minimum of three (3) pages, typed, and double spaced plus cover letter and references page. At least one picture of each of the goals/practices need to be added (besides the 3-page report). Submissions will only be accepted on or before the day it is due, and through the Blackboard Assignment space that will be available for this purpose.

I’ll apload an document to help with this part of the essay. The highlight parts are the one that I was able to complete.


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