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Apr 27, 2023
Individual Assignments Assignment
Module 6 Assignment 4 : Training and developmental opportunities


Step 1: Read the required chapter readings and listen to this week’s video lecture and video.
Step 2: Complete the simulation exercise (“crafting your life simulation”, included in the Harvard Business course pack students purchased at the beginning of the semester).

Step 3: Answer the following questions based on your learning from the class materials and reflections of your simulation experience:

1. Based on your learning from the simulation exercise, what can you see as some major reasons why employees may not take training and developmental opportunities at work? In relation to the four types of fears discussed in the video lecture, which one(s) might have prevented you from taking some training and development opportunities in the simulation? Please discuss one decision as an example.

2. Do people always know what they value? Based on your experience in this simulation exercises,
discuss how an organization can help employees clarify their priorities and design training and
developmental programs that fit their priorities and different career paths.

3. What suprised you about yourself in this simulation exercise? How can these insight help you with your
own career development in the future?
Evaluation criteria:
Reflect sound knowledge about class learning and the simulation exercise (10 pts)
Demonstrate original insight in the answers (10 pts)
Style (grammar, sentence structure) (5 pts)

Write up one paragraph to answer each question
Write up your answers in a word document (about one-and-a-half pages long, single-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, 1-inch margin around)
Please include your full name and student ID.
Points: 25 points (5% of course grade)


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