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May 30, 2023
write an essay about being a game warden with a work cited page with WRL addresses included as hyperlinks


What type of college is it, where is it located, and what is its website address?
What is the enrollment?
Is it urban or rural and what is the campus life like?
What are the admission requirements and the student demographics?
What are the tuition costs?
What other expenses are there?
What type of major might you pursue at this college?
What is a description of this major?
What skills are necessary to be successful in this major?
What high school courses are needed for this major?
What courses does one take at college to fulfill this major?
What is the study/workload like for this major?
What career might one go into with this major?
What are the viewpoints of current students in this major?
What other majors relate to this major?


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