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‘Mexicanidad’ in Frida Kahlo’s paintings. – this is the topic of the paper. it is very broad but ideally, a thesis with the outlook of socialist views and some background insight about what was happing during the fame of Frida Kahlo is necessary. the idea must be super detailed and relevant to Mexico during the 20th century.

my lecturer also noted that specific journal articles with the page number is necessary as websites arent credible enough. i have included some lesson materials too Features/ Themes about frida kahlos art.

Gender constructions Mexican Revolution, Romanticism, Arielism (p.6),Indigenism, Mestizaje, Surrealism Marxism: class struggle, anti-imperialism, Transgression, defiance,existentialism, Sexuality, and physical, making theprivate public: illness, wounds, pain, relationship, gender.

Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954) painted using vibrant colours in a style that was influenced by indigenous and traditional cultures of Mexico as well as by European influences that include Realism, Symbolism, and Surrealism.

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