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May 12, 2023
Final Term Paper: Family History Project


You will be required to complete a term project. Since this course focuses on history as it relates to the present, your term project consists of writing a family history. You will write a five page (minimum) overview of your family from 1877 (Reconstruction) to the Present. Where was your family in 1877? Where are they now? How did they get from there to here (or here to there?)? What else can you tell me about your family? In this family history, you must include at least one photograph, two oral history interviews, and Pedigree Chart. (Note: the photographs and Pedigree Charts do not count as part of the five pages). The Pedigree Chart and grading outline can be downloaded from Jenzabar or from here: Remember that this is 15% of your grade, so it is imperative you do well on this.

Rubric for both Midterm and Final Exam:
Format: 20%

Introduction, body, conclusion.

Delivery: 60%

Grammar and Spelling correct. Paragraphs correspond with one another. Organization is acceptable. Content refers to the assignment (Midterm or Final).

Length: 20%

Four FULL pages. Five would be better.

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