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Jun 03, 2023
Write statement of purpose describing the applicant’s experience and objectives in undertaking graduate study
To write a statement of purpose that effectively describes your qualifications, consider including these items:
Reason for applying for graduate school
It’s important for an admissions committee to understand why graduate school makes sense for your career trajectory. Discuss why you’re interested in the field that includes your desired program and what makes the institution to which you’re applying the right fit for you. It may also be beneficial to explain how graduate school can enhance your career and what you plan to do with your degree after graduation.
Job and volunteer history
Career highlights are important to mention in your statement of purpose if your skills, achievements or experiences are relevant to the program to which you’re applying. Consider mentioning jobs that affected your career and educational goals, or those that provided you with notable experience. Volunteer experience may also be relevant, especially if it’s with an organization that has a connection to your field or chosen program. For example, if you’re pursuing a master’s degree in arts administration, you could discuss what you learned while volunteering with the symphony orchestra in your city.
Notable accomplishments
Whether your accomplishments relate to an undergraduate course, job or internship, share them in your statement. If you’ve won awards for work in your field or worked on a notable research team, include as many relevant details as possible and address why these accomplishments were important for your career growth. You might also mention your speaking engagements and the exhibitions you hosted and the grants you’ve received. If you have any, you can also briefly detail your published works.


About me:
Girl Scout troop leader since 2021
Graduated bachelor of science in business management May 2023
Work full time as a cash application for over 5 years specialist seeking to purse a career in Human Resources

Made the dean list in 2021 and 2022 graduated with a 3.18 gpa
I have my certification in lean six sigma – green belt

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