xplain the difference between diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2.

Nur 600: Module 5. Use evidenced based research (EBR) journal articles between 2016 and 2022 only to answer the questions. Your key teaching points must elaborately focus on nurse practitioners, not physicians. Be mindful of these.

Module 5 Discussion 5 NUR 600

Ms. Jones is 60 years old and obese. She has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and will be started on glyburide.

1. She is very nervous about this diagnosis and concerned that she will need to give herself shots.

2. Explain the difference between diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2.

3. How does glyburide help decrease blood sugar levels?

4. What are the key teaching points for patients taking oral antidiabetic agents?

Submission Instructions:

Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA -7 style with support from at least 5 academic sources.

All replies must be constructive and use academic journal literature only less than 5 years old (2016 till 2022).

No website, blog, online newspaper, magazine, or editorial must be used as a source of reference.

Clear, precise academic grammar must be used with APA-7 style paraphrasing, conjectures and summary.

No introduction or conclusion subheadings (refer to your current APA manual).

The faculty is very strict on cross checking/matching students post with their references. Every sentence will be matched with your references.

Your work is scored on fluency, lack of grammatical errors and addressing the core issues in the questions.

Use your paragraphs wisely to hit those points home or else you lose points.

Please comply with rubric provided.

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