You Are Required To Analyse The Strategic Position For A Global Organisation: Strategic Management Assignment, UCD, Ireland

Assignment Brief – Project-Based Assessment

You are required to analyse the strategic position for a global organisation of your choice and present your findings in a report as outlined below.

Understanding the strategic position can uncover the potential opportunities and threats that lie ahead for an organisation. Analysis of the strategic position can help address questions about what the organisation can do and what it would like to achieve.

Your analysis requires research of a variety of sources and the selection of appropriate frameworks and/or concepts to apply to the organisation. The application of one framework and/or concept over another relies heavily on the goals and objectives of the organisation. This assignment requires you to apply strategic analysis models and the application of your personal judgement to your nominated organisation and present your findings.

Learning Outcomes addressed and assessed in this Assignment:

  1. Critically appraise the core concepts and techniques of strategic management.
  2. Analyse the impact of macro- and industrial environmental factors on business, and develop strategies that position the firm most favourably in relation to competition.
  3. Examine the overall scope and direction of a corporation and the way in which headquarters manage various business operations to achieve organisational goals.

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